Rachel Mac from Los Angeles

Rachel Mac is a Los Angeles comedian and write. On April 8 she had her first child, and we talk…

10 months ago

Josh Firestine from Tacoma

Josh Firestine is a Tacoma comic, a club employee, and a veteran.  Follow Josh: @Josh_Firestine Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzuAfCWcwq2vNwTq6gCHirw http://traffic.libsyn.com/nasorb/CIQ_10.mp3

11 months ago

Noah Savage from New York City

Noah Savage is a New York City stand up comedian and a basketball broadcaster for ESPN. He also tested positive…

11 months ago

Travis Nelson from Seattle

Travis Nelson is a Seattle area stand up comic. Prior to the quarantine he was making much of his annual…

11 months ago

Matthew Broussard from New York City

Casey is joined by Matthew Broussard, a New York comedian presently quarantining in Florida. Support Matthew by streaming or buying…

11 months ago